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Brownian Movement


Charlotte is married with one son and is a doctor in a clinic in Brussels. She has sex with patients in an apartment, selecting the men as if setting up a scientific experiment: They are all un­usual, very hirsute, coarse, fat or old. The marriage teeters when her husband Max finds out. Charlotte starts therapy to discov­er what is going on with her, but her confused desires cannot be described in words. In the end, the family moves to India, where Max has a job as an architect. Charlotte gives birth to twins.

Brownian movement describes the permanent random move­ment of particles in liquids and gases that is caused as con­stantly moving atoms and molecules are jolted. Nanouk Leopold revolves around an unexplainable phenomenon with big, com­posed images. What keeps us together and what drives us apart? She tells of a love story between people who stick to each other although they cannot share everything.

Director: Nanouk Leopold

Producer: Stienette Bosklopper

Cast: Sandra Hüller, Dragan Bakema, Sabine Timoteo, Ryan Brodie, Frieda Pittoors, Nicole Shirer, Kuno Bakker, Gelijn Molier, Nilofer Raza, Hari Dostinov Atanasovski, Simone Tani, Élodie Moreau

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