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An Indo-Canadian feature film. Surkhaab, a story of our times … of globalization, immigration and basic survival. It’s a story of a Punjabi girl Jeet, who goes to Canada illegally. The story’s based on Canada’s illegal immigrants. The film is woman-centric, revolving around Jeet, a judo champion, who gets trapped in the chaos of illegal immigration and human trafficking.
Surkhaab has been selected in several international film festivals, including St. Tropez (France), Santa Monica (USA), Perth (Australia), Madrid (Spain), Houston (USA), Toronto (Canada), and London (UK), and has amassed a number of awards for Direction, Production, Screenplay and Best picture along the way.

Director: Sanjay Talreja

Producer: Barkha Madan and Vivek Kumar

Cast: Barkha Madan, Sumit Suri, Vineeta Mallick, Naresh Ghosain, Ashu Sharma, Nishant Bahl, Kanza Ferris

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  • Client Golden Gate Creations
  • Tags Pollywood
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